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The Elsa Rebellion ?>

The Elsa Rebellion

Today, our streets will be overrun with Elsa’s. Our house alone will be contributing three. (We have only two children.) According to Jimmy Kimmel it will be Elsaween. There’s even a drinking game dedicated to the subject. (Have a drink each time Elsa trick-or-treats.) Mostly, I see people cringe at the thought of all these girls dressing just like each other. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the individuality? Why are they all being sucked into the same Hollywood commercialized buying of…

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Wild Orange Honey Taffy ?>

Wild Orange Honey Taffy

It’s almost Halloween. This year I’m making candy since my oldest daughter is allergic to 99.99% of anything I could buy in the store. My general philosophy in allergen free baking is to start with a recipe close to what I want and modify it to be safe for my family. This time I started with “Water Fondant” in “Candymaking” by Ruth Kendrick & Pauline Atkinson. If you don’t have the limits we have you should consider getting the original…

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