The Elsa Rebellion ?>

The Elsa Rebellion

Today, our streets will be overrun with Elsa’s. Our house alone will be contributing three. (We have only two children.) According to Jimmy Kimmel it will be Elsaween. There’s even a drinking game dedicated to the subject. (Have a drink each time Elsa trick-or-treats.)

Mostly, I see people cringe at the thought of all these girls dressing just like each other. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the individuality? Why are they all being sucked into the same Hollywood commercialized buying of this girly stuff?

Personally, I’m cheering! What looks like a string of little girls in pretty dresses is actually a quiet rebellion. Think about it. There have always been princess movies that have been popular but no single princess has ever caught and held almost every single little girl’s attention for nearly a solid year. This is NOT your normal princess movie. It’s not the pretty dress that made her popular. Girls have been swimming in those for years.

You just need to ask any little girl like I did mine. Why do you like Elsa?

“Because of the ICE POWERS!!!!” (Said in a tone like mom had to be the stupidest person in the world for not realizing that.)

This Halloween isn’t about a bunch of girls who want the prettiest dress. It’s about a bunch of girls who want to be able to freeze things solid with a flick of the wrist. Do you think “Let it Go” is popular because of the words? It’s popular because she lifts herself up on her own stairs of ice and then pulls a castle of ice right out of the ground. These little girls don’t want a pretty dress. They want some SERIOUS POWER! The dress just happens to be the symbol of that.

As an example when my kids play frozen (a lot). There used to be some serious arguing about who got to be Elsa. To solve the problem they made some modifications to the original movie. I bet you didn’t know that Anna has fire power or that Elsa has a twin sister named Icicle with the exact some powers. Even then, Elsa still is the favorite because who wants to be a measly princess when you can actually RULE A KINGDOM!

Right now people are discussing the announcement of two female superhero movies in the near future, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. Forbes has an article that says, “If either film flops, it will be more fuel for the fire in Hollywood where many believe that female superheroes don’t sell tickets.”

The thing is, we already have a movie that shows the right female superheroes do sell tickets. Frozen looks like a princess movie. It’s really a super hero movie and it’s beating almost every single super hero movie at the box office. Wikipedia currently has it ranked as the fifth top grossing movie ever. The Avengers is the only super hero movie to make more. You’ll find Iron Man 3 close to it and then one of the Dark Knight movies down at 11th place. I’d say a female with powers is doing pretty good.

So what’s the real reason our streets are crawling with Elsa lookalikes? They really don’t have many options. A boy can pick from over a dozen well know super hero’s they’ve been recently exposed to in TV and moves. Would you like to be Superman, Batman, Robin, IronMan, The Incredible Hulk, etc? For girls how many characters with strong powers can you think of that have been featured in recent hits?

Every single one of those Elsa’s is a sign it’s time for a few more female superheroes to take center stage.

It’s a simple unstated rebellion against being just the girl in the pretty dress.

Note: Elsa Photo is from Wikipedia.

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