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Month: June 2014

Links & Videos for Kids 6/20/14 ?>

Links & Videos for Kids 6/20/14

My latest list of links and videos I’ve saved to share with my girls: Nature David Attenborough Insects playlist – Thank you Shannah at Modern Primal Life What Attracts Ticks The Girl Who Swims with Sharks Interactive Bird Song Poster #CephalopodWeek: Celebrating All Things Tentacled (Science Friday) The Goat Brigade: Preventing Wildfires in Southern California (Science Friday) Science Double Tornadoes Aren’t Particularly Rare, But Yesterday’s Was Remarkable (with video) Programming Code Monster – My almost 9 year old fell in love…

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Links & Videos for Kids 6/13/14 ?>

Links & Videos for Kids 6/13/14

Here’s a list of current video’s and articles I’ve set aside to share with my girls: Science Friday Videos Weeding Out and Dining In: Foraging with Tama Matsuoka Wong Choc Full of Science – Chocolate and Crystals Nothing to Sneeze At – Distance germs travel in a sneeze Inside Insight: Clearing and Staining Fish New York Times Video Bringing Back Europe’s Bison Denali Climbing 13,000 Feet in 100 Degrees Below Zero (Smithsonian) Training at the Top of the World – Snow Boarding…

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