Links & Videos for Kids 4/1/16 ?>

Links & Videos for Kids 4/1/16

Jumping back into blogging and starting off with weekly video links. Science Videos The most amazing cave I’ve ever seen (Map Chihuahua, Mexico) Electronic field trip to a hydroponic spinach farm Advances in magnets and using magnetic fields Flowers in Death Valley (Map Death Valley) NYTimes Video: LIGO Hears Gravitational Waves Einstein Predicted Art Videos This will be our art project next Tuesday:    

The Elsa Rebellion ?>

The Elsa Rebellion

Today, our streets will be overrun with Elsa’s. Our house alone will be contributing three. (We have only two children.) According to Jimmy Kimmel it will be Elsaween. There’s even a drinking game dedicated to the subject. (Have a drink each time Elsa trick-or-treats.) Mostly, I see people cringe at the thought of all these girls dressing just like each other. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the individuality? Why are they all being sucked into the same Hollywood commercialized buying of…

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Links & Videos for Kids 6/20/14 ?>

Links & Videos for Kids 6/20/14

My latest list of links and videos I’ve saved to share with my girls: Nature David Attenborough Insects playlist – Thank you Shannah at Modern Primal Life What Attracts Ticks The Girl Who Swims with Sharks Interactive Bird Song Poster #CephalopodWeek: Celebrating All Things Tentacled (Science Friday) The Goat Brigade: Preventing Wildfires in Southern California (Science Friday) Science Double Tornadoes Aren’t Particularly Rare, But Yesterday’s Was Remarkable (with video) Programming Code Monster – My almost 9 year old fell in love…

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Links & Videos for Kids 6/13/14 ?>

Links & Videos for Kids 6/13/14

Here’s a list of current video’s and articles I’ve set aside to share with my girls: Science Friday Videos Weeding Out and Dining In: Foraging with Tama Matsuoka Wong Choc Full of Science – Chocolate and Crystals Nothing to Sneeze At – Distance germs travel in a sneeze Inside Insight: Clearing and Staining Fish New York Times Video Bringing Back Europe’s Bison Denali Climbing 13,000 Feet in 100 Degrees Below Zero (Smithsonian) Training at the Top of the World – Snow Boarding…

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Wild Orange Honey Taffy ?>

Wild Orange Honey Taffy

It’s almost Halloween. This year I’m making candy since my oldest daughter is allergic to 99.99% of anything I could buy in the store. My general philosophy in allergen free baking is to start with a recipe close to what I want and modify it to be safe for my family. This time I started with “Water Fondant” in “Candymaking” by Ruth Kendrick & Pauline Atkinson. If you don’t have the limits we have you should consider getting the original…

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The Princess Kitty Cake ?>

The Princess Kitty Cake

My youngest requested a Princess Kitty themed birthday party with a chocolate cake. To meet the needs of my daughters and their friends the cake had to be free of: Corn Wheat/Gluten Dairy Eggs Palm/Coconut Soy (for some friends) To start off I found a recipe that was close to what I needed. Then I modified the ingredients to meet our needs. (For anyone corn free please proceed with caution on specific ingredients. The test subject is 8y old, highly…

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Chocolate: A Valentine’s Day Study ?>

Chocolate: A Valentine’s Day Study

For Valentine’s Day we’re doing a special Science and World study about one of our favorite foods, Chocolate! Here are some of our resources and activities. Free Form Chocolate Hearts Our science experiment was to melt and temper some chocolate to make free form chocolate hearts. Chocolate is a great example of crystals at work. Poorly melted and tempered chocolate will bloom, be dull and covered with white spots. Properly melted chocolate will be shiny, even colored and crack with…

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